XenBio has successfully demonstrated long-term, room temperature stability  of proteins, enzymes, microspheres, PCR reagents and other biologicals using our BioBead technology for use in-vitro diagnostics.  Our capabilities include the lyophilization of unit-dose spheres that we call BioBeads, as well as vials and bulk reagents.  Xen has developed BioBeads for immunoassays, thromboelastography, and assays using PCR. The resulting BioBeads range in size from 1 um to 10 mm and have shown long term, room temperature stability to otherwise unstable reagents.


Milli-BioBeads. Millimeter sized lyophilized spheres

We define BioBeads that have a diameter of greater than 1 mm as Milli-BioBeads. Milli-BioBeads offer superior reconstitution properties as well as ease of handling


Micro-BioBeads. Millimeter sized lyophilized spheres in a manufacturing environment.

In addition, we offer our patent pending, proprietary Micro-BioBeads with immediate reconstitution. The result is a homogeneous solution similar to that of the liquid counter-parts but with the advantages of long-term, room temperature stability. The beads can be as small as a few microns in diameter.

Layered beads

Layered Biobeads (patent pending)

We now offer our patent pending, proprietary multilayer BioBeads which enable the lyophilization of multiple components without the loss of activity due to component interaction or degradation before the bead is reconstituted. This allows us to lyophilize several reagents in a unit dose format that otherwise interact with each other.

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