Victor Manneh, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

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Victor earned his MSc in Biochemical Pharmacology from the University of the Pacific and his PhD in Pharmacology/Medicinal Chemistry from UC Davis/University of the Pacific. He has considerable expertise in immunoassay development, pathology and biochemistry. Early in his career (1990-1996), he was part of the Syva Co team that developed Enzyme Multiplied Immunoassay Technique (EMIT) and Luminescent Oxygen Chanelling Assay (LOCI, aka AlphaScreen), two successful homogeneous immunoassay platforms that became mainstream in clinical diagnostics and high throughput screening. Following his successful career at Inverness Medical (now Alere) he founded XenBio in 2006 to address areas of unmet medical need in clinical diagnostics.

Sergei A Svarovsky, PhD, MBA

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Sergei holds a PhD in Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry and MBA in Finance from West Virginia University. He completed his postdoctoral studies at the National Institutes of Health and has over 15 years of experience in industry, government, and academia in the areas of organic synthesis, surface modification, high-throughput assay development, and nanotechnology. Sergei has authored over 25 peer reviewed publications,reviews and book chapters, contributed to 12 international and U.S. patents and participated in over 40 international symposia. One of his patents has been recently licensed by Pfizer in a $430 million deal. He serves on Editorial Boards of the OMICS journal and International Journal of Nanotechnology in Medicine & Engineering and is a reviewer for the US, Israeli, and the Georgian Science Foundations. He joined XenBio with a mission to develop a novel diagnostic test for early detection of breast cancer.

Wesley B Ames, JD, PhD

Legal Counsel

Ames IP Law is a law firm focusing on intellectual property and related matters. The firm was established by Wesley B. Ames (PhD in Chemistry fom UCSD) following more than 10 years of major law firm experience assisting clients with their intellectual property legal needs. The firm emphasizes close interaction with its clients using carefully designed strategies to optimize the value of the resulting patent portfolios. It seeks to provide highly cost effective legal services by offering a high level of experience, moderate rates, and carefully controlled costs, thereby allowing its clients to limit their expenditures for intellectual property counsel while maximizing the value obtained. At the same time, it emphasizes careful attention to the preparation of patent specifications.